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Frankfurt: Five Police Officers Suspected of Exchanging Right-Wing Extremist Content on Dark Web

Five Frankfurt police officers from Police Station One have been suspended by the police service for allegations of organized incitement of rebellion against the state through the exchange of right-wing extremist content on the dark web. This comes shortly after other officers from Hesse’s executive committees were searched on suspension. The investigation into the serious allegations against the suspended officers ... Read More »


Study: The Use of Leaked Online Account Credentials on the Dark Web and Surface Web

We have been lately witnessing a dramatic rise in the incidences of cybercrime both on the surface web and the dark web. For example, the theft of online account credentials represents an emerging issue, especially on the dark web, where the price of an individual’s online identity averages around $900. Previous research studies analyzed the modus operandi of cybercriminals who ... Read More »

Police Undercover Operation Unravel and Arrest Dark Web Cocaine Drug Dealer

A Newport man, identified as Nevin Ryan, 28, was apprehended by undercover police detectives and drugs were seized during the operation. He was arrested after the law enforcement caught him driving a car without a legal license. Prosecutor Clare Wilks told the court that the police detectives seized cocaine, marijuana, and a mobile phone which had messages related to dark ... Read More »

Austrian Man Busted for Ordering Amphetamine on the Dark Web

An Austrian man allegedly ordered large amounts of amphetamine on dark web marketplaces and then resold the amphetamine and other substances to local buyers. Police accused the man of ordering drugs on the dark web since 2017. In 2017, a man from Salzburg, Austria, allegedly started selling drugs to his friends, who also lived in the city of Salzburg. He ... Read More »

Dutch Police Seize 10,000 Ecstasy Pills in Dark Web Vendor Raid

An investigation led by German customs investigators led to the arrest of a suspected dark web drug trafficker in the Netherlands. Authorities have accused the suspect of selling various illegal substances in at least 3,000 separate instances. The Customs Investigation Office in Frankfurt announced the arrest of a 32-year-old Dutch citizen for allegedly violating an assortment of drug crimes. According ... Read More »

Money Laundering.jpg

Research: Using cryptocurrencies over the dark web in money laundering crimes

The major technological advancements we experienced recently have totally transformed personal and financial relationships taking place across the globe. During the past few years, people developed means to communicate and transact with high levels of privacy and anonymity. The dark web, including anonymous networks such as Tor, enables people to communicate in an anonymous, almost totally untraceable manner. Moreover, cryptocurrencies, ... Read More »

Rutgers Football Team Players Indicted in Dark Web Credit Card Fraud Scheme

Earlier this year, eight football players from Rutgers were relieved of their duties on the team because they were alleged to be involved in a credit card fraud scheme that resulted in the victims’ loss of thousands of dollars. After an intensive investigation, the law enforcement unravelled that the team players acquired the stolen credit card account numbers from dark ... Read More »

A Glock 17 secured at a gun dealer in Marburg. Photo: Arne Dedert / Archive

Belgian Man Avoids Jail After Buying a Glock on the Dark Web

A Belgian man was sentenced to probation for purchasing a Glock and a silencer on the dark web. The court heard that the man had purchased the gun for the protection of his home and family after a burglar had broken into the family home. Driven by the bombings at the Brussels Airport, a 31-year-old man from Hainaut, Belgium, searched ... Read More »

Operation Golalde Seize over 3000 Weapons Aimed at the Dark Web

Operation Golalde launched by the Civil Guard in 2015 has reported success in its effort to dismantle weapon trade and organized crimes on the dark web. Over 3000 long and shot weapons secured for sale on dark web marketplaces have been seized with hundreds of suspects arrested, some of whom have been convicted. The operation was launched by the Civil ... Read More »

Bavaria Cybercrime Office Obtains Arrest Warrants against Two Dark Web Drug Traffickers

The Bavarian cybercrime central office has obtained and acted on warrants of arrest for two dark web drug traffickers. The two have been accused of illegal importation of large quantities of narcotics purchased on dark web marketplaces as well as possession of controlled substances with the intent to distribute. In an intensive corroborative investigation between foreign authorities, the Attorney General ... Read More »