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Using keywords and links to perform threat intelligence analysis on onion websites

With rapid advancement of technologies on the dark web, cybercrimes are skyrocketing. Onion websites represent the main source of illegal activities across the dark web. Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) aims at pinpointing onion websites that represent the ground for cybercriminal activities. Monitoring the dark web to gather threat intelligence represents a daunting and complex task. Intelligence agencies and government based ... Read More »

Two Arrested for Selling Opioids from Clearnet Websites

According to a press release and announcement from various government officials from different agencies, an investigation into drug distribution on the internet ended successfully when Drug Enforcement Administration agents arrested two drug dealers and seized their storefronts. The investigation, headed by the DEA, targeted two large-scale opioid distributors in the United States: Liangfu Huang and Wei Xu. Both suspects, although ... Read More »

High-profile Government Websites Hacked for Dark web Cryptocurrency.

Over four thousand high profile government websites have been compromised by dark web hackers on Sunday across the globe, mining virtual currency secretly, and particularly Monero. Monero has become one of the popular cryptocurrency recently especially on the ‘dark web’– a section of the internet that can only be accessed using a special browser which is capable of anonymizing your ... Read More »

How To Test Your Website’s Security With An Intercepting Proxy

We all know cybersecurity threats grow each day and, in these times of increasing danger, it is of great importance to test your website’s security before burglars do. While even the most dull-witted system administrator is able to run a scan with Nmap or Nessus (though he could ignore the myriad of options these scanners offer), it results slightly more ... Read More »

Malicious Websites Explained

Surfing the web you will have heard about the existence of malicious websites. Virustotal is a well known website that helps you to discover which site is malicious and which is not before actually requesting the suspected URL in your browser. But what does it mean that a website is classified as “malicious”? What actions do these sites perform and ... Read More »

Cyber-cops at the LKA Bayern

Report: 60 Percent Of Child Porn Websites Are Located In Europe

According to a recent report by the Internet Watch Foundation, the majority, about 60 percent, of the child pornography websites are located on European servers. The recently conducted report of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) also showed a dramatic increase in child sex abuse images. This fact raises a concern for law enforcement authorities across the world to combat this ... Read More »

Research: Websites Can Track Us Online Using Our Device Battery Level

In 2015, a battery status API was introduced to HTML5 and had already been packaged in Firefox, Opera and Chrome by the end that year. Security researchers were concerned with the potential privacy invasion the API could lead to, but their warning went without raising many eyebrows. A year later, though, an in-depth analysis has proven the battery tracking API ... Read More »

Young Computer Geek Sold Software On Dark Web That Helped In The Crashing Of 224,000 Websites

Grant Manser (20) was just only 16 years old when he designed programs and sold them on the dark web, which helped cyber criminals to crash 224,000 websites all around the world. Court heard that the young teen designed a ”stresser” software, which worked by bombarding websites, servers and email addresses with so much information that they crashed. Manser did ... Read More »

Tor To Improve Security Of Dark Net Websites

The recent news about the CMU helping the FBI made the Tor Project to realize, they need to improve the security of the domains on the dark web, As it was reported by Jospeh Cox on motheboard.vice  They have patched the vulnerability points the attackers took advantage of, however, according to them, there are still improvements to make. Tor is ... Read More »

Facebook To Help Tor Project Getting Official Recognition For .onion Addresses

Facebook officially announced that they are working with the Tor Project in order to get official recognition for .onion sites. Facebook and Tor (receiving help from other companies as well) has successfully petitioned the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) for them to designate website addresses that end with ”.onion” as special use domain names. The Internet Engineering Task Force is ... Read More »

Staten Island Man Busted For Using Multiple Darkweb CP Websites

Luis Escobosa, a man (his age and home community were disclosed by federal authorities) living in Staten Island, NY, has been caught on an ongoing federal investigation for accessing and using multiple child pornography websites. The court documents describe that Escobosa was a member of multiple CP sites, one of them is described as “Website A”, the other is “Playpen”. ... Read More »