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BTC 19.11.1.PNG

Bitcoin weekly price analysis – 19.11.2018

Bitcoin price dropped by around %20 during the past week to hit a week low of $5,432 last Thursday, which is a level that had not been reached since October 2017. Even though we predicted bitcoin price to continue on dropping during our previous bitcoin price weekly analysis, the magnitude of drop in bitcoin market’s capitalization came beyond the expectations ... Read More »

BTC 12.11.2.PNG

Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 12.11.2018

After rising to a week high of $6,615 last Wednesday, bitcoin price progressively dropped down to a week low of $6,357 on Sunday. Even though the market’s bulls had the upper hand during the beginning of last week’s trading sessions, they were not capable of overcoming the resistance around the $6,615 price level. The market failed to continue on rising ... Read More »

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Bitcoin weekly price analysis – 6.11.2018

After dropping down to a low of $6,242 last week, bitcoin price started rising regularly hitting a week high of $6,529. Even though technical analysis of last week’s charts denoted that we are likely to witness a bearish market during most of the week’s trading sessions, a new upwards wave began manifesting itself last Wednesday following a short bearish move. ... Read More »

BTC 29.10.1.PNG

Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis – 29.10.2018

Bitcoin price has been rather stable during the past week, as it ranged between $6,500 and $6,600 during most of the week’s trading sessions. Over the past 4 days, Bitcoin price surged by around 1%. A week high of $6,626 was scored last Wednesday, and a week low of $6,462 was recorded last Thursday. Even though last week’s charts showed ... Read More »

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Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis – 24.10.2018

Bitcoin price has hit a high of $7,788 last week , recording gain of around $1,400 within less than a couple of hours last week. Even though this price level has not been scored since last August, the market’s bulls did not manage to keep it above $7,000 for long. However, a new rising upwards trend began to become apparent ... Read More »

BTC 14.10.2.PNG

Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 15.10.2018

Bitcoin price dropped by around 7.5% during the previous week. The market’s bears managed to take bitcoin price to break out of the symmetrical triangle pattern, we observed during our previous analysis, towards the downside to record a weekly low of $6,220 last Thursday. However, after the week’s low was recorded, bitcoin price began rising again up to $6,400 on ... Read More »

Weekly Bitcoin Price Analysis – 9.10.18

Bitcoin price has been moving sideways during most of last week’s trading sessions, as the market’s bulls failed to push the market above the symmetrical triangle pattern that we spotted on the charts during last week’s bitcoin price analysis. Bitcoin price failed to breach the resistance around $6,757.5, which corresponds to the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level, as candlesticks bounced off ... Read More »

BTC 30.9.1.PNG

Weekly Bitcoin Price Analysis – 30.9.18

Bitcoin price was more or less stable last week, and gains did not exceed 2% during the week’s trading sessions. Even though this is not what crypto investors expected to happen, it seems that we are in the “silence before the storm” phase, as we are just two months away from the bullish rally that usually takes place towards the ... Read More »

Bitcoin Weekly Price Analysis 26 April 2016

This week, the price of bitcoin was immensely bullish, stirring up trader sentiment on expectations of another bubble, just in time for the halving. Price trend curved upwards, advancing +7.5% from last week’s high at $438 to a 6 month high at $471. Markets have not been this excited since October 2015, when price turned exponentially bullish. On last week’s ... Read More »

Weekly Bitcoin Update – 13-12-14

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoin stories from around the web SecondMarket came away from the second Silk Road auction a big winner, according to Sydney Ember of The New York Times. The company was able to purchase 48,000 of the auction’s 50,000 bitcoins, meaning that it was able to purchase 96% of the available holdings. The other 2,000 bitcoins went ... Read More »

Weekly Bitcoin Update – 12-7-14

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoin stories from around the web The second auction of Silk Road Bitcoin by U.S. Marshals has been completed. John Biggs of TechCrunch notes that the auction consisted of 50,000 BTC. A total of eleven bidders placed bids on the cryptocurrency. This number represents a substantial decrease from the 45 bidders who placed bids in the ... Read More »

Weekly Bitcoin Update – 16 Nov. 2014

One Year since Peak Price It has been one year since Bitcoin reached its highest value, leading Eoghan Macguire of CNN to wonder what the future holds for the cryptocurrency. He highlights the opinions of individuals like the Managing Editor of CoinDesk, Emily Spraven, who believes Bitcoin’s price “will begin stabilize over the coming year or so.”Meanwhile, David Yermack, a ... Read More »

Weekly Bitcoin Update – 11-10-14

Providing the week’s biggest Bitcoin stories from around the web Up in Flames A bitcoin mining facility in Thailand caught fire this past month. Kabir Chibber of Quartz writes that the loss of the five-megawatt operation actually disrupted the entire bitcoin network. While the cause of the fire has yet to have been confirmed, Gizmodo has offered the possibility that ... Read More »

Weekly Bitcoin News Report – Oct. 26th, 2014

Providing the top Bitcoin news stories from around the web A well-renowned author, known for his writings on international money laundering and the pharmaceutical industry, has turned his attention to Bitcoin. Chris Matthews of Fortune writes that Jeffrey Robinson, in his new book Bit Coin: The Naked Truth About Bitcoin, argues that the cryptocurrency will end up being nothing more ... Read More »

Weekly Tor and Security News – October 21, 2014

Tor News Earlier this week, the Anonabox raised over $500,000 after launching a campaign on Kickstarter. The anonabox, created by August Germar, is a device designed to route all of a network’s traffic through the Tor network. It runs alongside an existing modem or router, and claims to be fully Open Source. However, after controversy surrounding the project generated quite ... Read More »