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Interpol Holds First Darknet and Cryptocurrency Working Group

INTERPOL launched its introductory working group on DarkNet and Cryptocurrencies at the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore on April 3. They established that the surge of Altcoins, which projects itself as a substitute for Bitcoin, is very likely to be an imminent menace to law enforcement. In 2015, they held a Darknet training course as part of their ... Read More »

AfterHour “Mildly” Sentenced After for Working With Police

In January, Brandenburg officials announced that the FBI helped German law enforcement catch a darknet drug trafficker and three of his accomplices. The main defendant, a 31-year-old known as Mark W., sold drugs on the Silk Road marketplace before law enforcement shut the site down. The Brandenburg resident and accomplices sold more than 1.05 million euros between April 2012 and ... Read More »

Darknet Weapon Vendor Who Sold Weapons to the Munich Gunman is Working with Police

The darknet arms dealer who sold firearms to the Munich shooter has given a full confession to federal prosecutors. He testified against himself and is in full cooperation with the Frankfurt Prosecutors Office. In August, the 31-year-old vendor was arrested. The investigation into where David Ali Sonboly purchased his weapon was carried out by 65-person taskforce. 31,000 tips and pieces ... Read More »

Tor And Mozilla Working Together For More Protection Against Malware

The Tor browser’s primary function is to provide users with high level of protection and anonymity when they browse the internet. Lately, law enforcement authorities were carrying out attacks on individuals instead of the network itself by hacking their computers or the end points. This lead to the authorities learning the users’ IP addresses. Now, Tor Project’s and Mozilla’s team ... Read More »

Pedo with the Biggest CP Collection Ever to be Banned from Working

When Christopher Daldorph was arrested last year, the National Crime Agency said they had uncovered the biggest child porn collection they had ever seen. The last 14 years while he was working as a radiographer, Daldorph spent an estimated 14 years searching the deep web for images and videos depicting sex abuse acts on children. During the search of his ... Read More »

Alphabay Under Attack, Alternate Links are Working Fine

As said by an official support account for Alphabay market: Alphabay Under Attack, alternate links are working fine – We are mitigating another DDoS attack. Will be resolved as usual. Please use the alternate links if the main link has issues. Alternative access links to Alphabay market are available here  & here. Read More »

Agora: We are working to resolve the problem.

For those of you that are worries, this the most recent update from Agora admins regarding the recent issues: Deposits and withdrawals are delayed. We are working to resolve the problem. These issues are common with agora and hopefully they will be fixed soon like we have seen several times before. Read More »

PSA: Agora Deposits & Withdrawals Not Working

Update: The issue is confirmed as resolved – payments are working fine! As of earlier today we have received multiple reports that Deposits & Withdrawals are not working  on Agora marketplace, we were able to confirm these reports. As we have seen many times before with Payment issues on Agora, they will most likely be sorted later rather than sooner, ... Read More »

Agora: We Are Working On A Solution For The CSRF Issue

Agora admin have commented on the Malicious JS Using CSRF exploit via PM’s On Agora that tries to steal users Bitcoins: We have received reports of users receiving private messages containing a link to an exploit which can be used to hack accounts. We are working on a solution, but in the mean time please turn off JavaScript when you ... Read More »

New Agora Update: Working on Bringing the Payment Subsystem Back Online

Agora just changed the update in the blue banner: “Unfortunately we are still working on bringing the payment subsystem back online, the results shall be visible soon. Please, for your own good – DO NOT deposit any money into the market until this issue is confirmed as sorted and you start seeing reliable comments from people confirming they received their ... Read More »

Warning: Agora Deposits & Withdrawals not working! (#3)

Update 6 – 30.11.14 – Multiple reports are claiming that the issues are fixed now! Update 5 – 29.11.14 – Agora is still experiencing significant delays in deposits, but withdrawals are now working fine. Update 4 – 26.11.14: Update from Agora posted as a reply to a PM: There has been a growing backlog of transactions as people rush to ... Read More »

Warning: Agora Deposits & Withrawls not working!

Update 3:  The Problem is now solved – back to normal, thanks again to the Agora admins for sorting this issue. Update 2: Our latest test showed that the functions are working now, but BTC that were withdrawn and before and were not broadcasted are still nowhere to be found. we will followup on this. Update: Agora placed some warning ... Read More »

Uncle Scam: Czech Owner of Sheep Marketplace Working With the FBI?

Who benefited from one of the largest bitcoin heists in history?  ‘Benefit’ is an interesting word – simply because a benefit doesn’t necessarily mean a payoff in the form of currency.  Perhaps, the payoff can come in the form of a successful operation, a mission accomplished. Let us go on an adventure into an intriguing theory, based off what recent ... Read More »