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The Pirate Market Multi-Sig Guide

This is a usage guide for multisig transactions for Thr Pirate Market, as it was provided to us by Mr. White, The market Admin:

Find the market Here: The Pirate Market

1. First step for buying an item with the Multi-Signature system, select a product from our index that has Multi-sig as a transaction method.

2. Before making the order, make sure the item you selected enables Multi-sig transactions.

3. Now for placing the order, enter your details as it would be wrote on the letter, remember to use PGP encryption to send any sensitive information;
Full Name
Address line 1
Address line 2

Then enter your pin code that you set when you created your account.


4. Navigating Multi-sig for Vendors, when someone has placed an order on one of your products, you will be able to Accept or Cancel the order.
If the order is accepted you need to also add your public key and receiving wallet address.


5. Getting your Public and Private keys.
If you require a Public and Private key, go to: http://brainwallet.org/
or http://coinb.in/multisig.
The image below shows you how to do this on coinb.in.


6. Once the Vendor has accepted the order, the buyer then creates a multi-sig address.


7. Now the buyer needs to send the bitcoin payment to the address, once this has had two or more confirmations you then enter the transaction ID to check the payment.


8. To Finalize or open a dispute you then enter your private key.


9. In the event that the market experiences downtime then it’s possible to use the ‘Manual FE Code’.
The Chat box is used so both the buyer and the vendor can communicate with ease, in case a dispute has been opened it can also be used to solve open disputes.


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